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Field improvement Update:

After a long winter, and a wet spring, things are field improvements are moving along really quickly. The CMAC ground crew with the help of Tim Hartong, have gotten the grass widening finalized and planted which is growing just in time! I see the adjacent farmer has begun with a chemical application. The ground for the future fabric runway has been cleared and graded as well as possible. All necessary materials including the fabric are mostly on site and will be ready by our anticipated install date. The plan is, weather permitting, to lay down the fabric on June 4, with a backup date of June 5. If we can muster the people-power, this final step can be done in one day (start time about 9 AM). I am asking that all who can, come out to help! This is the last major improvement for a long time, and I expect it to last (with proper maintenance) for 10 years. CMAC will be providing coffee, donuts, and a "grilled" lunch (hot dogs, hamburgers, and chips) pure water and soft drinks for all on the runway date!

Notice: The CMAC Trainer Nights for the 2021 season have ended. The training program will resume next May.

On July 21st, CMAC and the Thunderbirds completed their driveway project. We also had enough manpower to get all the flight benches painted. As you can see from the photo above, we also gave a second coat to our parking lot. Everyone worked well together and we got a lot accomplished. Many thanks to all who participated from both clubs. The field looks great!

Upcoming this May 21st is our first Float Fly at the Nimisila Metroparks Campground Boat Ramp, as in past years. Setup will be 8-9 am, and flying can begin as soon as our retrieval boat arrives. ALL club members with an AMA membership are warmly welcome. Pubic spectators are welcome as well.

Next Meeting: Thursday, June 2nd at Jetway field. For questions, call John Ashley 330-697-1748.

In July of 2020, CMAC moved their field from Kent to Ravenna, Oh. Click on the image above to see the video of that move.